Welcome To Groves Country!

Groves Country is a family name and one we take pride in. Our roots in farming go back over four generations, and principles of growing clean food with love and care have always led our pursuit into mushrooms. We are the first mushroom farmers in our family, taking on a new path and an incredible journey into the world of fungi. It all started when my family began to grow, and I knew that the current lifestyle we had with our old business would have to change…

We knew a major shift was needed, and after we narrowed down our options to what we really wanted to do, we were left with something that both of us were extremely excited about, but definitely not experts in (yet): Farming Mushrooms. Our old business sold after a couple years on the market, and we knew it was time. We launched full force into farming mushrooms.

As we started in the mushroom industry, we began to meet amazing people at every turn. We quickly realized the importance of USA grown mushrooms in the market, and the demand for all kinds of fungi from our farm began to grow. Groves Country has given us the ability to raise a family and bring our kids to work every single day, while truly making a difference and growing some amazing mushrooms!
We sell both fresh mushrooms and capsules of our mushroom powder. In our online store, only our capsules are available. Our Lion’s Mane is 100% fruiting body, ensuring that you get most of the actual mushroom as possible. We are so glad to have you as part of the Groves Country family!

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